Search: Selecting the Search Type

search options

The Search for Primers and Probes allows you to search for optimized PCR primer pairs, sequencing and nested primers, TaqMan probes, molecular beacons, hybridization probes or even siRNA probes in the active nucleic acid sequence - just click on the search type button. If you have already your own TaqMan probe and want to find just the PCR primers compatible with it - no problem either. Each of these searches consist of several simple procedures, listed in the “Subsearches” window. If you click the Subsearches button you will see (below) all available subsearches OLIGO may perform.

available subsearches

You may manually check/uncheck each button to activate/deactivate that sub-search option. In the top of the window you see the selected search method. If you want to find consensus primers or probes, this window lets you choose the homologous sequence files to pick those primers from.