Oligo Database Functionality 2

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Multiplexing Sets. The database here contains results of the search for TaqMan primers/probe sets from 3 files (made with a batch search option). The sets were multiplexed using Analyze- Multiplex All- Sets- Find All Groups option. The first group is displayed in the bottom of the database window:

database window

After clicking the "Select" button and checking all the oligos in this group you can see that the Group #1 contains sets from all three sequence files. For illustration, one of the sets, #4, is circled above. It contains Forward & Reverse Primer (oligos #10 and 13, respectively) and the Probe (oligo #16). This database was linked to one sequence file (Human eIF-4E.seq) as indicated at the bottom of the window. Note that some of the primers of other sequence files do not match well the linked sequence (read the P.E. or Tm column). This is yet another type of analysis the Database window provides.