Analyze: Hybridization Time & Concentrations

false priming sites of M13 This window displays hybridization times for oligos of various lengths and in various concentrations.

Half Hybridization Time is calculated according to Keller, G.H. (1993) DNA Probes: Molecular Hybridization Technology, pp. 1-25; Stockton Press.

T1/2 = sqrt N * ln 2 / (350000 * C)

where N is the oligo length [nt] and C, its concentration [mol/L]. This formula is good for standard hybridization conditions with salt concentration range from 0.4 to 1 M NaCl.

The Concentrations window is a nucleic acid calculator. It provides instant concentration, volume, absorption and molecular weight conversions for your primers, PCR products and DNA templates with a click of the mouse.

DNA concentration calculator