Analyze: Restriction Enzyme Sites

restriction enzyme search result

There are two parts of this window that display results of the search in two formats, the top is the graphical and the bottom is the table listing.
The graphical part consists of three columns. The first two are the same as in the table listing below: the number of an enzyme in the restriction enzyme file that was used to perform the search and the enzyme name. The third column shows at the top the nucleotide position scale of the entire sequence file, and below the recognition sites as vertical blue lines spanning from top to bottom of each row representing the space for a given restriction enzyme.
The list, besides the order number and the enzyme name has 3 more columns displaying the actual recognition site, the number of sites in the entire active sequence file, and the recognition sites positions (in black). The position sites are interrupted by the fragment sizes, displayed in green. Below the table there is listing of enzymes that do not cut the sequence.
At the window bottom the two search parameters are displayed: the type of sequence (linear or circular), and the file name of the restriction enzyme database used in the search.