Analyze: False Priming Sites

false priming sites of M13 OLIGO's false priming analysis provides the most accurate analysis of false priming sites available in a bioinformatics software package.  A proprietary algorithm measures homology, bulges, loops, mismatches and other parameters of the selected primer. The Analyze - False Priming Sites windows display potential false priming sites for the Forward or Reverse Primer or Upper or Lower Probe in both the sense and antisense strands of the active sequence.The example shown below is the analysis of the -40 m13 primer. The first alignment is to the original site, the second is the true false priming site (244 points), as described by Steffens et al. (1993) BioTechniques 15, 580-582. Note that the third alignment, although it seems to be more stable by the eye, is not a significant false priming site.