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This free Oligo version allows comprehensive analysis of your already available primers. This includes:
- Tm values (Santa Lucia's nearest neighbor parameters, GC% method and AT/GC simple addition method)
primer properties
including variable salt and formamide concentrations, GC contents and Tms with mismatches.
- priming efficiency score and
- absorption coefficients
- dimers and secondary structure     secondary DNA structure
- internal stability (an important primer characteristics)     internal stability graph

- hybridization time         internal stability graph
- concentration calculator (for making solutions of nucleic acids) given in various units
DNA calculator
For all the above features use the Analysis menu (after entering your primer or probe through the Edit menu).

- Multiplex your own primers, probes, PCR primer pairs or TaqMan sets in the fully functional database window:
Database window
In order to get to the point of multiplexing (your) sets you need to open the Database window (File- New Database), Keep adding records (Edit- Add Record) until you're done, keep assembling sets from the available records (Edit- Add Set), and finally use Analyze- Multiplex All- Sets- Minimize Reaction #. The button "Select" highlights all the oligos in a given set.

Note: this demo version would not let you select primers from your own sequence file.

To download this demonstration version of OLIGO: Complete the form below and click on the "Submit" button. On the next page, please click on the demo version which you would like to download. We value your privacy and we don't share the data with any marketing groups.

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